• $4.30 USD Price
  • 1,067.98% ROI
  • #116 Market Rank
  • $6,080,720 USD 24 Hour Volume
  • 10,459,142 XZC Circulating Supply
  • 21,400,000 XZC Total Supply
  • 21,400,000 XZC Max Supply
  • $0.275101 USD
    (Dec 02, 2016)
    All Time High
  • $169.99 USD
    (Dec 26, 2017)
    All Time Low
  • $13.72 USD /
    $2.12 USD
    52 Week High / Low
  • $5.10 USD /
    $3.05 USD
    90 Day High / Low
  • $4.91 USD /
    $4.14 USD
    30 Day High / Low
  • $4.64 USD /
    $4.14 USD
    7 Day High / Low
  • $4.38 USD /
    $4.21 USD
    24 Hour High / Low
  • $4.36 USD /
    $4.19 USD
    Yesterday's High / Low



  1. ZCoin developers argue that other cryptocurrencies do not actively use the features that offer anonymity, even though they can. With Zero Coin technology, it is only possible to make transactions totally anonymously.
  2. ZCoin provides a high level of privacy. Because the coins of ZCoin users are primarily mint. Crypto coins that are turned into mint are more easily spent when they need to be spent. No information about the owner is disclosed when these funds are spent.
  3. The process of minting and spending is repeated continuously during the spending of crypto money. In this way, the cryptocurrency constantly changes the form. The currency of the form cannot be traced.
  4. ZCoin advocates that individual shopping and trade should be more free and offers freedom to users through this privacy.
  5. With AMD and Nvidia GPUs or mining with a CPU, you can get ZCoin. ZCoin, which receives a low-cost cut during mining, is also advantageous in this respect. Mining can sometimes increase or decrease the volatility of the currency in question.
  6. You can use ZCoin wallets for your ZCoin tokens.
Which is Turkey's largest Bitcoin exchange and ZCOİN be informed about the work that Thodex as altcoin. You can contact Thodex: 02129090312


If confidentiality is the most important thing for you when dealing with crypto coins, you have an excellent alternative. ZCoin uses a new generation of privacy protocols that allow transactions to be performed without leaving any trace of personal information. Thanks to ZCoin, the vulnerabilities of the Bitcoin system can be tolerated. Some vulnerabilities occur when using the Bitcoin system, especially the system known as double-spending. ZCoin, which uses the Zero Coin system, eliminates all such vulnerabilities through zero data trace technology. To learn more about what is ZCoin, don't forget to review the rest of our article.